For media

Comic Con Ukraine festival is an event that will undoubtedly attract attention of interested audience. In order to maximize the coverage of the event, we invite journalists and bloggers to cooperate.

Please, read the details of cooperation:

1. Accreditation is allowed:

- to bloggers (YouTube channels and groups/publics, from 10000 thousand followers);

- representatives/editors of sites with attendance from 1000 unique visitors per day;

- employees of television channels;

- employees of radio stations;

- employees of newspapers and magazines;

- photographers and videographers (selectively and in the presence of a portfolio).

2. Organizers provide free entry to all accredited media representatives for the duration of the festival.

3. Mandatory conditions for obtaining accreditation:

- placement of the announcement after confirmation of accreditation (not later than 16.09.2019);

- placement of the report after visiting the festival (preferably not later than 27.09.2009).

4. For accreditation, you need to submit an application form through the registration form below.

5. To enter the territory of Comic Con Ukraine festival, an accredited person must go to the press registration desk, and present an identity document, or a certificate issued directly by the editorial office (including the online edition) or the founder of the media, or a press card of a journalistic organization (including international) or National Union of Journalists of Ukraine - Independent media trade union of Ukraine (but only upon receipt of pre-approved accreditation).

6. Event organizers reserve the right to refuse accreditation without explaining the reason.

7. Completed and submitted application form for accreditation indicates that you are familiar with the General rules of Comic Con Ukraine festival and accept them. (available here)

Attention! Number of accreditations is limited.