If you are a developer, club or shop associated with board games, you have come to the right place!

Why? Because Comic Con Ukraine needs you, the real experts who know exactly how insidious at the most important moment can be the dice, how changeable the luck may be, and how much depends on the color of the chip! After all, at our festival you will be able to find the largest area of board games in Ukraine, which for two days of the festival is visited by more than 15,000 guests.

Now imagine how many of them have never played board games, how many of them have not heard about a particular game or club..? Yes... a lot.

But together with you we will change this situation! Because it is an unforgettable experience and emotions to spend the evening with friends and with a good game. So we'll not stand aside, knowing that someone have not felt it for himself/herself, or lost interest believing that he tried everything possible. Let's increase the army of board games fans together!

To participate it is necessary to:

- read the following terms and conditions

- apply for participation in the specified period

Terms of cooperation:

1. Fully completed application form must be sent by August 1 inclusive. (Fully completed means containing all the necessary images, links and texts for announcements) After receiving your application form, a manager will contact you to specify all further actions.

2. Application form of the participant of board games area of Comic Con Ukraine need to be filled in your personal account after registering on the website (be sure to check the mailbox “Spam” for the letter confirming your registration on the website)

3. We will support all participants of board games area by advertising in social networks and on the Comic Con Ukraine website. To implement this process, your application form must contain the following materials:

- logo of the brand you represent, not less than 1024x1024, preferably PNG;

- 1 short text for the announcement and placement on the website, in Ukrainian;

- 1 or more images (good and high quality photos of your products) for the announcement on Instagram and Facebook;

4. Depending on the specified area, 12/25/35/50 sq. m. you have the opportunity to allocate 1/2/3/4 sq. m for the commercial activity. We provide tables and chairs for commercial activities.

You do not need to pay extra for provided tables and chairs.

Attention: glass showcases, portable constructions, cabinets, etc are not provided.

5. The price of commercial activity in the area of board games is 2000 UAH per sq. m for two days.

6. The participant can take part in the Comic Con Ukraine board game area only on condition of full prepayment of the rental price to the date specified by the manager (late August early September).

7. All participants of board games area need to deliver products and equipment on the territory of Art-zavod Platforma and carry out the installation of the area exclusively in advance, namely on Friday: from 10.00 to 22.00. Installation of the place and delivery of bulky goods on Saturday is not allowed.

8. Participants of board games area will be provided with passes-bracelets, allowing to pass free of charge on the territory of the festival on Saturday and on Sunday.

9. Work mode of Board games area of Comic Con Ukraine:

- Saturday, from 12.00 to 22.00

- Sunday, from 11.00 to 21.00

10. Closing of trading place:

- on Saturday, not earlier than at 21.00;

- on Sunday, not earlier than at 20.00;

- dismantling of stands and packing of things: on Sunday after 21.00 to 00.00

11. The beginning of the organization of your area during the festival (you can enter the territory with a bracelet-pass through the entrance for participants):

- on Saturday, September 22, from 8.00, but not later than at 9.00 am;

- on Sunday, September 23, from 8.00, but not later than at 9.00 am.

12. All participants in board games area who received the furniture must hand over to the manager the same amount of furniture that was accepted. It is not allowed to leave the festival without making the act of transferring the furniture.

13. Participants of board games area of Comic Con Ukraine Festival are fully and independently responsible for:

- all possible violations of the rights of third parties, including copyright and intellectual property rights in the implementation of trading activities on the territory of the market Comic Con Ukraine;

- their actions and possible violations of the legislation of Ukraine at Comic Con Ukraine festival;

- accuracy of the data provided to us in the application form for participation and in the form of a participant of board games area of Comic Con Ukraine;

- all possible violations of the rights of third parties, including copyright and intellectual property rights when providing us with images;

- storage of stand property and personal belongings during the festival.

14. On the territory of the market Comic Con Ukraine it is prohibited:

- to smoke (tobacco products, hookahs, electronic cigarettes and wapes);

- to use alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances, and also to be in the state of alcohol/drug intoxication;

- to carry fire, cold, gas weapons (including gas cartridges), prickly, cutting, flammable, explosive items, pyrotechnics;

- to carry narcotic substances;

- to show aggression to others;

- to advertise other events and conduct any agitation (without the consent of the organizers).

15. Organizers of Comic Con Ukraine festival will provide:

- protection of the market area at night, after the end of the day program, and release it from visitors;

- volunteer assistance during the work of the board game area;

- access to electrical grid (by prior arrangement).

16. Organizers of Comic Con Ukraine festival are not liable for :

- your personal belongings, as well as for the storage of stand property during the festival;

- lost personal belongings or stand property of participants in board games area;

- your actions and trade activities on the territory of Comic Con Ukraine festival;

17. Organizers reserve the right to:

- refuse a participant who submitted a completed application form for participation, without explaining the reason;

- supplement this current list of terms of cooperation;

- take all necessary measures for the safety of visitors during Comic Con Ukraine festival, in case of possible violation by the participants of board games area of the conditions of cooperation and/or current legislation of Ukraine.

18. Organizers of Comic Con Ukraine festival reimburse the paid rent only in case of cancellation of the event.

19. By applying for participation in board games area of Comic Con Ukraine festival you confirm that you are familiar with the rules of participation in board games area, agree with them and accept them.

20. Placement in board games area is carried out by manager of board games area Anna Kachynska. E-mail address You have the opportunity to consult the manager on any issues related to board games area.

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