For stands

Comic Con Ukraine Festival invites fan clubs, creative studios, workshops, stores and companies to place interactive and entertaining stands and photo stands on the festival territory.

Thematically designed stand is an opportunity to tell everyone about yourself, to conquer the embodiment of the idea and manifestation of creativity, to get plenty of enthusiastic views and the opportunity to get on thousands of photos. If you want your idea, craft, brand or store to be remembered for a long time - you just have to be with us!

To place fan or commercial stands at Comic Con Ukraine, please read the following terms and conditions of cooperation and apply for participation.

Specific terms of cooperation for fan stands:

1. A fan stand is a decorated fantasy/horror area for movies, books, comics, games, anime, desktop and computer games etc. Inside the zone, stand team organizes activities for the visitors of the festival.

2. Fan stands take part in the Comic Con Ukraine festival for free.

3. No fee shall be charged from the stand team for the space occupied and the electric power.

4. Team of the fan stand receives financial compensation in the amount of 2000 UAH. Compensation is given after the festival.

5. To receive compensation, you need:

- to carry out the construction and to present the stand corresponding to the agreed application;

- to conduct a co-ordinated interactive program;

- to dismantle and hand over rented furniture and equipment (if available).

6. Stand team can engage sponsors to create a stand

7. Development of stands is under the supervision and with the help of organizers:

- help with the concept;

- assistance with technical implementation;

- announcement and advertising of the stand on the official pages and on the site of the festival;

8. Requirements for fan stands:

- stand must be neat, attractive and reflect the essence of the universe on which it was created;

- stand must not be overloaded with complicated parts and constructions;

- a very important factor is the speed of assemblage of the stand within a limited time;

9. Trade and advertising on fan stands:

- stand team can carry out commercial activities, provided that it is harmoniously inserted into the stand;

- trading zone should not exceed 30% of the total area;

- food sale only by prior arrangement.

Separate conditions for commercial stands:

1. A commercial stand is a thematic decorated zone from a company, a store, a brand, an official representative, a distributor, etc.

2. Commercial stands are not financially compensated.

3. A representative of the commercial stand shall be charged according to the chosen partner package.

4. Confirmation and announcement of participation only after payment of the partner contribution.

General terms of cooperation for fan and commercial stands:

1. Applications for a fan stand must be placed by August 1 and for a commercial stand by September 1 inclusive.

2. At the time of application, stand team should be formed, stand's curator should be chosen.

3. Participants of the stands receive a free entrance for all days of the festival.

4. If the stand is a photo zone, stand entertainment program is optional.

5. Stand team must agree with organizers the following points:

- concept - the name of the universe, the name of the stand, a detailed description of the format of the stand;

- scenery - detailed description and sketches of scenery, stand designs and building scheme with the indicated area and approximate time required for construction;

- program of stand activity;

- list of team members.

6. Rules for constructing stands:

- stand must have a name (banner, plaque, signboard);

- all decorations must be made in advance, and not made on the spot (only a assemblage of designs is possible on the territory of the festival);

- the maximum height of the stand can not exceed 4 m;

- affiliate and sponsor information should be harmoniously integrated into the design and scenery of the stand.

7. On stands it is forbidden :

- to use pyrotechnics or open fire;

- to use not declared equipment;

- to use wires which are non-isolated and connected to electrical grid;

- to use the logo of the festival and other official design elements for commercial purposes;

- to paint designs;

- to smoke (tobacco products, hookahs, electronic cigarettes and wapes);

- to use alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances, and also to be in the state of alcohol/drug intoxication;

- to carry fire, cold, gas weapons (including gas cartridges), prickly, cutting, flammable, explosive items, pyrotechnics;

- to carry narcotic substances;

- to show aggression to others;

- to advertise other events and conduct any agitation (without the consent of the organizers).

8. The organizers of the Comic Con Ukraine Festival provide:

- protection of the festival zone after the end of the day program and release it from visitors;

- volunteer assistance;

- access to electrical grid (by prior arrangement).

- Internet access (by prior arrangement).

9. Organizers of Comic Con Ukraine Festival are not liable for:

- lost personal belongings of the participants of the stand;

- maintenance of stand property during the stand;

- separate personal actions and for collective activity of the team members of the stand, and for possible violations of their current legislation in Ukraine;

10. Organizers of the festival Comic Con Ukraine reserve the right to:

- refuse the placement of the stand;

- supplement the current list of terms of cooperation.

11. Number of passes for exhibitors and team of developers is discussed in advance. Since the beginning of the building of the stand, changes in the number of passes are not allowed.

Application submission:

We will support all advertisers in social networks and on the site Comic Con Ukraine. For timely and successful implementation of this process, you must provide us with the completed form of the stand participant, along with the following materials:

- 1 image for the announcement, the size of at least 1024x1024 pixels;

- 1 text for the announcement, in Ukrainian, from 100 to 1000 characters (please introduce yourself to the audience);

- logo of the brand you represent, not less than 1024x1024, preferably PNG;

Form of the participant of the stand Comic Con Ukraine must be filled out in your personal account by pre-registering on the website

Please send us the filled form of Comic Con Ukraine stand as soon as possible, but by September 1 inclusive.

Work mode of Comic Con Ukraine:

- September 21, Saturday, 12.00-22.00;

- September 22, Sunday, 11.00-21.00.

Entrance/Exit to Art-zavod Platforma:

- installation of exhibition stands on Thursday, September 19: from 14.00 to 21.00 (by prior arrangement), on Friday, September 20: from 10.00 to 22.00.

- closing of the stand on Saturday, September 21, not earlier than at 21:00;

- closing of the stand on Sunday, September 22, not earlier than at 20.00;

You have the opportunity to consult the manager on any issues related to the area of the stands by mail

Attention! The number of places allocated for the stands is limited.