For visitors

Children under 12 years old (inclusive) entrance accompanied by an adult is FREE OF CHARGE, provided no more than 2 children per adult. Be SURE to have at the entrance a document certifying the age of the child.

Comic Con Ukraine is an event that combines a large number of thematic components and guarantees an interesting and diverse leisure. For example: presentations of new comics, the opportunity to participate in game tournaments, or try a new board game, the opportunity to watch, or even take part in a grand cosplay show, meet with Hollywood stars, get an autograph or a photo for memory.

It is also an ideal place to meet new people and communicate with people who share your interests. Do not forget about the market, which will be attended by theme stores and publishers who are willing to provide the opportunity to purchase the latest comics, books, and merch. And much more.

But the main feature of Comic Con Ukraine is visitors. Therefore, the main thing for us is that all those who visit the festival, were satisfied.

We have identified four main elements of pleasure, which we will provide for all participants of Comic Con Ukraine festival:

1. Interesting and intense program

2. Convenient location

3. Comfortable conditions

4. Secure environment

The embodiment of the first and second points depends entirely on the team of organizers, while the embodiment of the third and fourth depends solely on our cooperation with you.

To implement the last two points, all participants must familiarize themselves with the rules of Comic Con Ukraine festival and unconditionally adhere to them:

1. What is allowed:

- to relax, have fun and participate in all competitions and events that do not require prior accreditation;

- to come with animals (animals must be on a leash, and dog owners should carry a muzzle to put on for a dog at the request of the organizers (Rules of conduct at the event and a list of dogs which must be on a leash and with a muzzle see below);

- to take photos and videos ( And it's not just allowed - it's almost mandatory! However, remember: you can only take photos of cosplayers with their consent. Be polite);

- to move freely around the festival area, enter and exit as many times as you want, but only if there is an intact bracelet.

2. What is needed:

- to save your ticket and bracelet until the end of the festival ;

- to present a ticket/bracelet at the first request of the security or a representative of the organizers;

- to co-operate with organizers and security of the festival;

- to show respect and tolerance to all participants of the festival;

- to be over 12 years old to attend the festival on your own;

- to ask cosplayers and other participants of the festival permission for photo and video shooting, and be ready to hear "no";

- to come exclusively with positive emotions and in a good mood.

3. What is forbidden:

- to transfer or sell the bracelet to third parties;

- to carry fire, cold steel, gas weapons (including gas cartridges), stabbing, cutting, flammable, explosive objects, pyrotechnics, even if it is part of the costume or image;

- to carry any drinks;

- to conduct advertising or commercial activities without the consent of the organizers;

- to use drugs/alcohol;

- to carry drugs / alcohol;

- aggressive behavior, swearing, disdainful behavior;

- to smoke in not allowed places;

- to enter the venue of Comic Con Ukraine festival without a ticket;

- to leave children without supervision of the attendants;

- to violate the current legislation of Ukraine, in particular, to offend national, ethnic, religious, confessional feelings of visitors;

- to violate any third party rights, including copyright and intellectual property rights.

4. Organizers of Comic Con Ukraine festival reserve the right:

- to supplement the festival program;

- to change time of the events, competitions;

- to postpone the date of the festival (only when it is extremely necessary, in case of force majeure or circumstances that have developed in conditions independent of the organizers);

- to ask to leave the territory and, in case of refusal in cooperation, to bring out of the festival people who violated at least one of the rules of the Comic Con Ukraine festival;

- to refuse to refund for lost or damaged ticket;

- to refuse to refund for lost or damaged property;

- to refund the cost of the purchased ticket only in case of cancellation of the event.

5. Organizers of the Comic Con Ukraine festival are not liable for:

- personal belongings of visitors and participants;

- lost personal belongings of visitors and participants;

- actions of visitors and participants on the territory of Comic Con Ukraine festival;

- lost or damaged visitors' entrance tickets.

- any information about Comic Con Ukraine festival, which is not available on the official website of the festival or on the official pages of the festival in social networks.

6. Buying a ticket to Comic Con Ukraine festival and attending the event, you agree with the rules for visitors and accept them.

Rules for visitors with animals:

Passage on the territory of Comic Con Ukraine festival with animals is allowed according to the decision of Kyiv City Council N 1079/3912 dated October 25, 2007 “About settlement of questions of the contents and the treatment of dogs and cats in Kyiv city".

According to this decision, the following rules apply to all visitors of Comic Con Ukraine festival, who will be at the festival with animals:

1. It is forbidden to accompany the animal in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

2. It is forbidden to accompany potentially dangerous dogs and dogs that are recognized as dangerous, persons who are under 16 years of age, mentally ill or physically unable to control the animal.

3. Animal owners are obliged:

- to prevent manifestations of dangerous actions on the part of animals that are kept in relation to people, other animals or property

- to ensure compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards and public order

4. The person accompanying the animal is obliged to ensure safety of:

- accompanied animal;

- surrounding people and animals, as well as property from harming by accompanied animals;

5. The person accompanying the dog or cat is also obliged to clean the excrement of their animals in public areas (this requirement does not apply to owners of guide dogs)

6. Every dog should be on a leash.

7. The dog owner is desirable to have a badge or registration certificate (in case of public registration of the animal in KP "Kyiv city hospital of veterinary medicine") or a veterinary certificate*

8. Pet owners are obliged to listen to the requests of the organizers, volunteers, guards and cooperate with them for the safety of other visitors.

9. Organizers reserve the right to prevent the owner of the animal with the animal on the territory of the festival, if the owner did not adhere to one of the points specified in these terms.

10. Organizers, volunteers and guards are authorized to ask the owner of the animal with the animal to leave the territory of the festival, if their stay would threaten the safety of other visitors.

11. Organizers reserve the right to change or supplement this list of rules for visitors of the festival with animals.

12. The list of dog breeds that must be on a short leash and muzzle:

- Akita inu.

- American bulldog.

- American Staffordshire Terrier.

- English mastiff.

- Argentinian dog.

- Belgian Shepherd.

- Bernese Mountain Dog.

- Dogue de Bordeaux.

- Brazilian Fila.

- Bullmastiff.

- Bull Terrier

- Doberman

-Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

- Cane Corso.

-Masstino Neapoletano.

- Moscow watchdog.

- German Shepherd.

- German dog.

- Perro de Presa Canario.

- Southern Russian Shepherd Dog.

- Pit Bull Terrier.

- Riesenschnauzer.

- Rhodesian Ridgeback.

- Rottweiler

- Central Asian Shepherd Dog.

- Tosainu.

- Black Terrier

- German boxer.

- Fox Terrier

- German Hunting Terrier.

* A veterinary passport is not a confirmation of the identity of the owner of the animal and is not considered by the rules of the current legislation.

By attending this event, You give your permission for all types of photo, video and film shooting of Your person and the public use of these materials by the organizers.